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The Irish Forestry and Forest Products Association (IFFPA) was established to represent the broad forest and forest-based business sector. We are the only industry association that represents the sector as a whole and provides mechanisms for collaboration on a sector-wide basis.

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Overview of the Irish Forestry and Forest Products Sector 2015
Latest figures for the Irish forestry and forest products industry. This publication provides data on a range of topics including; forestry regulations, the Irish forestry development sector, the sawmilling sector, the panel product sector, the timber sector as well as the environmental benefits of the industry. IFFPA member profiles are also featured.
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Forestry Act 2014
The Forestry Act 2014 exists to provide for the development and promotion of forestry to maximise the economic, environmental and social value of forests. It gives power to the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine to make regulations for the effective management of the forestry sector.
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Forestry Programme 2014 - 2020
The Forestry Programme 2014-2020 is Ireland’s proposals for 100% state aid funding for a new Forestry Programme for the period. The measures proposed within this document are consistent with the recently published “Forests, products and people Ireland’s forest policy - a renewed vision”.
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Ibec IFFPA is a part of Ibec clg which is registered in Ireland.
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