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Irish Forestry and Forest Products Association (IFFPA)

The Irish forestry and forests product sector comprises the growing, harvesting and processing of forest products. The Irish Forestry and Forest Products Association (IFFPA) was established to represent the broad forest and forest-based business sector. It is the only industry association that represents the sector as a whole and provides mechanisms for collaboration on a sector-wide basis.

IFFPA ensures that government and other key decision-makers recognise the importance and value of the industry to the environment and the economy. The association operates at both a national and international level to gain support for a sustainable industry sector, which is vital to Irish society and the national interest.

As a membership organisation, IFFPA works to educate and communicate the vast potential benefits of forestry and forest products to a wide audience, including government, state agencies, public and consumers.

IFFPA is a sectoral group within Ibec, the national business organisation of Ireland. Ibec provides a wide range of services to its thousands of member companies including employer advice, representation and advocacy for business issues.

Priorities are:
  • To achieve a vibrant, sustainable, and competitive forestry and forest product industry for Ireland.
  • To unite the members of the various sub-`sectors of the industry and to co-ordinate their efforts and activities in matters of common concern.
  • To serve as a technical resource providing guidance, commentary and advice on regulatory developments of relevance to the sector.
  • To communicate the benefits and potential benefits of the industry sector to a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • To advise the Government of all matters affecting the welfare and prosperity of the industry and advise on legislation or other measures affecting the industry.
  • To distribute information on all matters affecting the industry and to publish research and statistical information.
  • To develop long term strategies for the continued success of the forestry and forest products industry.

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Ibec IFFPA is a part of Ibec Limited which is registered in Ireland.
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